Advanced training course by Endress+Hauser

Certificate of Qualification by Endress+Hauser

Advanced technical training course on Inventory Measurement & New Tank Gauging Platform


         Endress+Hauser has introduced the Tank Gauging Platform, a complete monitoring and inventory control system for tank farms and terminals in the chemical, oil and gas, refining and similar industries where large amounts of liquid or solid materials are acquired, stored and transferred.

         The New Tank Gauging Platform includes all the tank gauging instruments needed to provide high accuracy level, volume, temperature, and pressure. All of them are developed according to international metrology recommendations such as OIML R85 and API MPMS, qualifying the devices to be components of certified systems for custody transfer. Local and country-specific certifications such as NMi or PTB are also available to meet the specific requirements of tank farms or terminals.


New Tank Gauging Platform

The primary instrumentation developed for the Tank Gaging Platform system includes:

–  Micropilot NMR81 free space radar: ±0.5 mm accuracy and a measuring range of 230 ft (70 m).

–  Micropilot NMR84 stilling well radar: accuracy of 0.5 mm and a measuring range of 131 ft (40m).

–  Tank Side Monitor NRF81: this field gateway integrates tank gauging devices for HTG or HTMS calculations.

–  Proservo NMS80: ±0.4 mm accuracy.

–  Proservo NMS81: has a 316L or Hastelloy C process housing for demanding corrosive liquids and liquefied gas applications.

–  Proservo NMS83: ±0.4 mm accuracy and features cleaning nozzles for CIP systems.

         At the factory in Maulburg, Germany, Endress+Hauser has organized in-depth training on the working principle of this superior product generation as well as the selection of instrument, installation, diagnosing and troubleshooting for engineers around the world. NK Engineering's technicians have also participated and acquired full certificates to perform the related engineering work.

NK Engineering attended training course in Germany

The training course was held at Endress+Hauser's product center

Certificate of Qualification from Endress+Hauser Group

         In the context of fluctuation in oil and gas industry, the upgrading of the tank monitoring and management system is the main concern of many businesses to optimize capacity and minimize resource leakage. Recently, NK Engineering has completed the installation and commissioning of the New Tank Gauging system for PV Oil Ninh Binh JSC – one of the large oil refinery companies in Vietnam, with the key product Radar measurement Micropilot NMR84. Based on the NMR84 customer can promptly track of how much raw material they have on-site, how much storage space they have available through web-server, and allows operations to safely use the maximum tank capacity, relying on that reduces the cost and maximizes plant availability.

Installation of Radar Micropilot NMR84 in Vietnam

         We hope our advantage of competencies will contribute to optimizing the benefits for our customers and businesses throughout Vietnam. For more assistance, please contact us