Tank Gauging Management Solution

Tank Gauging Management Solution

Next-generation monitoring & inventory control for tank farms

Monitoring and control of bulk liquids during processing, transportation, and storage is challenging. In the context of fluctuation in Oil & Gas industry today, companies need a comprehensive tank monitoring system to manage their resource efficiency. With over 60 years of experience, Endress+Hauser has been researching and constantly improving the comprehensive tank gauging system which is best suited to the individual needs of modular construction. In Vietnam, NK Engineering now offers a full range of Endress+Hauser software and measurement equipment for tank gauging solutions.

System Configuration
A typical Tank Gauging system configuration is composed of Field devices, Data acquisition and Management software.

Field devices developed for the Tank Gauging Platform system includes:
     –  Proservo Level Transmitter NMS8x with the highest accuracy ±0.4mm (1/32inch) and measuring range up to 230 ft (70 m)
     –  Radar Level Transmitter NMR8x with an accuracy on ±0.5mm
     –  Multi-spot temperature NMT53x, Pressure transmitter PMP7x
Measurement data will be transmitted to the control room via a common Fieldbus Protocol such as Modbus RTU with the support of displays located at the bottom of the tanks – Tank side monitor NRF5x. Data will be transferred to computer via Tank Scanner and to DCS System via OPC Server.
The Tank Vision software is integrated into Tank Scanner, no computer installation requirement. Data can be accessed via 
Web browser and calculated based on proven formulas that comply with international standards such as API, ASTM.

For decades we optimize the system with many outstanding features:
     –  The software is built into the data collector, no installation on the computer
     –  Easy to extend in the future up to over 90 sinks thanks to modular design
     –   High precision measuring equipment (± 0.4mm) of Proservo, Radar …used in commercial logistic is certified by international organizations PTB (Germany) NMI (Netherlands) and VMI (Vietnam)
     –   The system can be configured to access remotely via Internet guaranties an in-time and fast supply-chain.







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