Intelligent Web server developed by NK Engineering

Intelligent Web server is developed by NK Engineering

The automated wastewater quality monitoring system at Sabeco Daklak


        Many plants have yet to embrace the advances in technology that are transforming one of their most fundamental tools. That’s why we always support our customer in making their processes efficiency.

        At Sabeco Daklak, for the first time, we developed an intelligent data management from the field to control room to support the seamless integration of field devices into the automation systems.

      In the field, Memograph M plays an important role to memorize, visualize, analyze, and communicate process values. All data will be recorded every 1 minute for each monitoring parameter. In addition, common Fieldbuses (Modbus, Ethernet/IP…) for fast integration into different systems are also supported.

        All monitoring parameters will be transferred to the data acquisition via Web server. Engineers can access remote systems via smartphone and laptop devices for monitoring and data access.

Web server is developed by NK Engineering

        Furthermore, in order to comply with the regulations, the sensors connected to the sampler can be used to trigger unique sampling programs and place the sample in a specific container by one click whenever you want. Our water sampling station can cool your composite samples at standard temperature 4oC and are vandalism-proof, guaranteeing excellent safety for your samples. Hence, you are on the safe side whenever you have to prove evidence to authorities.

        This approach allows treatment plant to resolve process issues, and collect the obligatory composite samples for regulatory purposes.

Auto wastewater sampler and online wastewater monitoring station

NK Engineering’s service engineer is commissioning Endress+Hauser
instruments for an online water monitoring station

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Intelligent Web server is developed by NK Engineering