Water & Wastewater quality monitoring system

Water & Wastewater quality monitoring system

Increasing safety in a wastewater treatment process


“Plug and Play” is a somewhat overused buzzword but in this case, it’s actually true – transmitters, samplers, and analyzers work in perfect harmony within Endress+Hauser’s Liquiline liquid analysis platform. A newly connected Memosens digital sensor is automatically detected by the transmitter. The calibration, sensor and process data saved in the sensor are inductively transmitted – and it is even possible to replace sensors during operation. A maximum of eight Memosens sensors with as many as 12 measuring parameters can be connected to a Liquiline transmitter – enough to create a complete water quality monitoring station. 

System Configuration

    ► Vessel sampling

The vessel sampling includes wastewater sampler and 2 separate pumps (one pump running and one pump standby). Wastewater sampling will be automatically carried out based on the flow rate. Sampling works dependably around the clock, without any trouble or maintenance.

► Analysis sensors

–  pH sensor integrated temperature sensor, range pH 0÷ 14, process temperature -10 ÷ 110oC (14°F – 230°F)

–  COD sensor application for outlet wastewater: Viomax CAS51D with measuring principle absorb ultraviolet light and measurement range 0 ÷ 370 mg/l COD

–  TSS sensor: Turbimax CUS51D, range 0 ÷ 4000 mg/l

–  Chlorine  residual sensor with measurement range 0.01÷5 mg/l

Color analyzer with measurement range 0÷200oHazen (0÷200 Pt-Co)

DO, TOC, Ammonium, Potassium, Nitrate, Chromate, etc.

All sensors are featured IP68 protection and integrated Endress+Hauser cutting-edge technology – Memosens.  It converts the measured value into a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, eliminating the problems associated with moisture and corrosion.

Furthermore, these analysis sensors will be automatically cleaned by compressor air. COD sensor, in particular, will be washed with a Hydrochloric acid 3.5÷5% to ensure good performance in the wastewater environment.

► Flowmeter and Open Channel

–  Ultrasonic measurement Time-of-Flight Prosonic FMU90: specific flow measurement in open channels for continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids.

–  The sensors FDU9x

    ► Transmitter and data logger

–  Multichannel Transmitter CM44x: be able to connect up to 8 Memosens sensors COD, pH, TSS, DO, etc and very fast for commissioning with hot Plug&Play.
   Output: 4÷20mA with HART protocol.

–  Data logger: Ecograph T RSG35

All data will be recorded every 1 minute in display curves, digital values and signal evaluations for each monitoring parameter and backup in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and also export to excel file easily for report purpose. All monitoring parameters will be connected to the GSM/GPRS wireless transmitter for continuous data transfer to the data acquisition.  If any parameters are out of allowable measuring range, the system will be automatically alarmed by message on display, warning by buzzer and send SMS to assigned personals.

► Flowmeter and Open Channel

– Ultrasonic measurement Time-of-Flight Prosonic FMU90: specific flow measurement in open channels for continuous, non-contact level measurement of fluids.

– The sensors FDU9x

    ► Control Panel is made by stainless steel 304SS and suitable for outdoor installation (IP54) and designed following Rittal standard and installed with shelter protection.


Process reliability and control Thanks to continuously measured values and signal validation, this system guarantees stable plant operation and reliable plant discharge. Even after installation, plant personnel has full control of the process at all times.

Easy maintenance, short downtimes High plant availability, easy calibration and user-friendly maintenance thank to Memosens technology.

Legally prescribed sampling of the factory’s wastewater Flexible sampling programs in the automatic water samplers allow taking time-controlled wastewater samples in one device. Our water sampling stations can keep your composite samples at standard temperature 4oC and are vandalism-proof. Hence, you are on the safe side whenever you have to prove evidence to authorities.

Whether you need to update your instrumentation to comply with legal requirements, improve efficiency or streamline your processes. We will support you in fulfilling all these measuring tasks with application know-how and cutting-edge technologies for every liquid analysis parameter. Please contact us at sales@nkengineering.com.vn for more assistance.


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